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12/5/24 TRC Photographs

TRC 12th May show photographs ….


They’re here whoop whoop!

All the pictures are uploaded and ready to go- lots of very colourful pictures due to the lovely sunshine!!

There are a few that aren’t of horses and riders, James has mixed them in with the classes so you will need to have a good look through them.

eg a lady askedJames to photograph her dog and she was watching her daughter in the ridden class at the far end.

James has done us a great deal, £5 each, £10 for an album (so if you want two from the ridden class, you should buy the album) and £15 for all the photos from the day (so if they were in multiple event types).

If you want any more than one image, it’s best to buy one of the bundles so much cheaper!

Here’s the link and enjoy -


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