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  • Dressage and Showjumping competition

    Schedule for the Combined Competition This is now live on Entries Close 20th September You can just do one of the elements or both! We have also introduced a new class for the RDA. Looking forward to seeing you for another exciting, fun competition 👏

  • Photographs Club Show 20th August

    Alan is loading the Photographs from Sundays show, they are slowly coming available and should all be fully loaded by Friday. Keep checking in and he’s working as fast as he can. Enjoy your cherished moments. There are some great action shots as well as some unusual ones. Alan has captured some lovely memories. Enjoy.

  • Jump for Debbie!

    Members enjoying training tonight with Debbie 😃 next week 30th we have Debbie and Keeley back very limited spaces available

  • Information and Forms

    Everything you need will be available here, it's important to read the Privacy Policy and the Clubs Constitiition document. 2023 MEMBERSHIP FORM 2023 MEMBERSHIP FORM .docx NON MEMBERS - DECLARATION FORM - TBC 2023 AREA COMPETITIONS FORM TRC will contribute towards two classes per event of your Area 16 entry fees and championship fees provided you have been a member of TRC in 2022 and attended at least two* events (excluding training or team events). You will then qualify for subsidy for a maximum of two classes per event, per member. PRIVACY POLICY CONSTITUTION EQUESTRIAN BODY LINKS: BRC HANDBOOK - TBC BRC VACCINATION RULES - TBC FLU VACCINATION CHECKER - TBC EQUIFEST WEBSITE - TBC VETERAN  HORSE SOCIETY WEBSITE- TBC

  • TRC Strips

    Sorry not stripping! But we're introducing our new riding club colours. Check out the website and support your club even further by purchasing these high quality items . Remember if you are competing in teams, our preferred colour is blue. JSTeamwear-Tickhill Riding Club

  • TRC Show information

    Schedule now available on Horse Events Open Show Schedule May-June-July August Open Show Championship 2023 Tickhill Riding Club 2023 Club / Open Show 2023 Club/Open Show Dates: Sunday – 14th May Sunday – 11th June Sunday - 16th July Sunday – 20th August (Championship Show) Something for everyone; Show Jumping, Ridden & In-Hand classes NEW FOR 2023 Under 12’s Ridden and Working Hunter classes added OPEN TO MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS MEMBERSHIP IS £30 PER YEAR – Members gain points towards Annual Awards ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY AT WWW.HORSE-EVENTS.CO.UK Email: ORGANISER Tickhill Riding Club Show E: T: 07742277931 (queries on the day only) EVENT SECRETARY Horse-Events E: info

  • League Tables 2023

    Points means Prizes..... Members updated Open Show League Table May-June-July -August 2023 Points are applied to current members on the day of the show Open Dressage League Table 2023 Dressage league is open to members and non-members

  • Meet some of our sponsor's

    Debbie Brentnall is one of our lovely trainers and persuaded her partner Knaggs farrier services to sponsor one of our jumps. We are of course extremely grateful. Knaggs Farrier Services are based in Doncaster and can be contacted on 07756 124235 or you can visit their Facebook page HERE. James Thompson is a local farmer who sells quality hay and straw. James has happily (well with his arm behind his back) sponsored our second jump. Call James to discuss your requirements on 07885 282745. If you would like to sponsor Tickhill Riding Club then please contact

  • Membership

    Please use this membership form to join and email to Membership The Club is open to all, from those who want to compete in team disciplines, to those that just want to have a good day on the Club Field. ​ We welcome all new, old and existing members to join/rejoin our Club! ​ Join Tickhill Riding Club now and enjoy a full year of membership and benefits including: ​ Discounted entry to all Tickhill Riding Club competitions Opportunities to compete at regional and national riding club competitions in all disciplines, often allowing amateurs to compete at large national event centres Annual dinner dance with presentation and awards Social events Training opportunities Dressage leagues with trophies Subsidised team regional and national entry fees ​ Membership includes annual subscription to British Riding Clubs which gives you benefits including: ​ Ability to compete in wide range of regional and national competitions and championships Unique competitions including Riding Tests and Style Jumping Subscription to Rider magazine 3rd party insurance whilst at BRC affiliated events ​ ​ Payment can be made by Cheque or Bank Transfer. ​ Early Bird Memberships available for £28 ​ This will rise to £30 on April 1st 2023 2023 MEMBERSHIP FORM .docx

  • Committee Members / Volunteers required.

    Your club needs you and we are always looking for committee members, it's hard work but so rewarding. You don't have to be a professional or even horsey, just someone who has a passion for helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.

  • Shows and Events

    Find out what shows are happening, when and where, plus all you need to know about the schedules and how to enter. Just click on the links. Dressage (1/4 in Dressage League) - 9th April 2023 -Results: Dressage Results 9th April 2023 One Day Challenge 30th April 2023 -Results: ODC April 30th 2023 Open Show 14th May 2023 - Results: Results Open Show 11th June 2023 -Schedule: Open show June 11th 2023 - Results: Dressage (2/4 in Dressage League) - 24th June 2023 -Schedule: Dressage 24th June Open Show 16th July 2023 -Schedule: Photographs There are photos available for digital download- I’ve tried to sort them into classes, but I did quite a few of you in the holding areas etc so you may be in various folders, so please feel free to browse them all! Prices are: £10 for one £15 for two £18 for three £20 for four (Your basket will show £10 each, but a discount is applied before checkout) If you want more than four, please select the photo bundle- this is £25 and sends you them all (in a zip file) Prints and special items (e.g. digital collages) are also available on request. As this is a new system, if you have any problems accessing the links etc or have any special requests, please message me on 07305 447972 or email, I’ll respond as quickly as I can. Thanks for having me and enjoy browsing! Times - Results: Open Championship Show 20th August 2023 -Schedule: Times - Results: Dressage / Combined Competition to include RDA Dressage (3/4) in Dressage League) - 23rd September 2023 -Schedule: -Results: Open Working Hunter Show 15th October 2023 -Schedule: - Results: Dressage (4/4 in Dressage League) - 5th November 2023 -Schedule: -Results:

  • Training

    Click to find everything you need to know about the different classes that we hold, including Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country, plus details of our instructors, their achievements and experience. Training Manager - Mark Weir April 5th Keeley Squires - Dressage Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 12th April Polly Mallender - Showing and WH 14th April Victoria Ward - Grid Work 26th April Keeley Squires - Dressage Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping May 3rd Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 10th May Keeley Squires - Dressage 19th May Victoria Ward - Showjumping 24th May Keeley Squires - Dressage Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping June 2nd Victoria Ward - Showjumping 7th June Keeley Squires - Dressage 14th June Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 28th June Keeley Squires - Dressage Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 19th July Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 26th July Keeley Squires - Dressage Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 9th August Keeley Squires - Dressage 11th August Victoria Ward - Showjumping 23rd August Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 30th August Keeley Squires - Dressage Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 6th September Keeley Squires - Dressage 13th September Debbie Brentnall _ Showjumping 27th September Keeley Squires - Dressage

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